Habeebullah Abdulkabeer Akinlabi


Lecturer II


Abdulkabeer Akinlabi Habeebullah is an esteemed lecturer in Islamic Studies, a skilled programmer, and a dedicated researcher in Islamicate Digital Humanities. With a deep commitment to advancing the understanding of Islamic culture and history through modern technology, he merges traditional scholarship with innovative digital tools.

His expertise lies at the intersection of Islamic studies and digital humanities, where he explores new methodologies to analyze and interpret Islamic texts and heritage. Abdulkabeer has contributed significantly to the field through his research, focusing on how digital resources can enhance the study of Islamic civilization.

As an educator, Abdulkabeer is known for his engaging teaching style, fostering a rich learning environment that inspires students to delve deeper into Islamic studies while embracing digital advancements. His programming skills further enable him to develop digital platforms and tools that facilitate research and education in the Islamicate world.

Abdulkabeer Akinlabi Habeebullah remains a respected figure in academia, continually pushing the boundaries of how Islamic studies are approached and understood in the digital age.

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