Department of Biological Sciences

Brief History
Philosophy and objectives

  • The philosophy of the Programme is to produce cultured Nigerian with trained mind in general while seeking to provide a sound understanding of the concepts of micro-organisms in relation to mankind and the environment. The programme will elaborate the importance of micro-organisms in the industry, agriculture, health and environmental sectors of the society. The Microbiology programme will also emphasize the traditional biotechnology and the linkage to the current modern biotechnology
  • Consequent upon the philosophy stated above, the aims and objectives of the programme are:

·        To broadly educate students for positions in the industry, health sectors, and research institutes and to prepare them for graduate and professional studies in the applied areas of microbiology.

·        To provide a broad, basic and especially applied training in all the various areas of Microbiology.

·        To produce graduates who are able to adapt themselves for jobs which are result oriented in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Forestry, Ecology Veterinary and Medical fields.

·        To offer specialized optional courses for those who may opt for academic career in other to enable them specialize in Microbiology and Biotechnology.

·        To train graduates who will be able to set up their own small scale business enterprise focusing on Microbiology/Biotechnology and not necessarily rely on the public employment organs for employment.

Admission Requirements:

UME: The entry requirements shall be at least credit level passes in five subjects including English Language, Mathematics, to form the core subjects with credit in three other relevant science courses Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at the Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent. In addition, an acceptable pass in the University Matriculation Examination (UME) into 100-level is required.

Direct Entry: Candidates with two A level passes (graded A-E) at the Advanced Level in one or more relevant subjects (Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics and Physics) may undertake the three-year degree programme into 200-level. Also, candidates with Pass in the Degree Foundation Programme organized by the University or OND certificate with Upper Credit Passes in relevant subject areas are eligible for admission. In exceptional cases, holders of OND with Lower Credit may be admitted into 200 levels.

Programme/Sub-discipline/Discipline Structure to include period of formal studies in the University Industrial Training, planned visit and project.
Students admitted through UME run a 4-years degree programme while those admitted through the direct entry run a 3-years degree programme.

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