Department of Chemical Science


Dr. S. M. Ogunbode

Head, Department of Chemical Science

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Science

As-salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Sciences at Fountain University of Osogbo, where we empower you to transform your aspirations into tangible achievements. We trust that you are a resourceful and pragmatic individual who is committed to academic excellence, and we are dedicated to supporting and nurturing you as you pursue your lifelong goals, not only in your career but also in fostering meaningful relationships with your faith and community.

Today, the forefront of global progress is driven by scientists, who serve as both the guiding force and the visionaries for the future. Within our department, we cultivate minds and cultivate morally upright and dynamic individuals who possess not only innate intelligence but also the ability to translate that intelligence into groundbreaking research and discoveries that make a positive impact on both the individuals around them and the world at large.

I extend to you an invitation to take advantage of the myriad opportunities available within the Chemical Sciences Department. Our dedicated staff, state-of-the-art laboratories, and supportive academic environment are all at your disposal to help you realize your dreams of making a meaningful mark on the world.


About the Department

Our History

Established in 2007, the Department of Chemical Sciences of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CONAS) at Fountain University is a pioneer institution with a paramount goal – producing outstanding graduates destined for leadership in scientific fields.


The department is dedicated to nurturing intellectual curiosity, encouraging scientific inquiry, and facilitating hands-on learning experiences. Built upon the pillars of academic achievement, creativity, and environmental responsibility, our ethos is aimed at instilling a profound respect for the wonders of the natural world, all while empowering students with the tools and expertise needed to tackle contemporary issues with confidence.


The department's objective is to establish an interactive educational setting where students actively participate in rigorous scientific investigation and practical implementations. Our aim is to foster analytical thinking, moral guidance, and a fervor for exploration. By delving into groundbreaking research and immersive learning experiences, we equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to make substantial contributions to their respective disciplines and the broader society.


The department's vision is to emerge as a universally acknowledged center of excellence in scientific advancement and practical research. Our goal is to nurture graduates who possess expertise in their fields and are also forward-thinking problem solvers and agents of constructive transformation.

Student Population

Our student community is characterized by its diversity and ambition, forming a lively community of individuals. Additionally, the ratio of students to staff members is exceptional.

Our Programmes | Admission

  1. B.Sc. Biochemistry & Nutrition

  2. B.Sc. Industrial & Environmental Chemistry

The entry requirements shall be at least credit level passes in five subjects at not more than two sittings including English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry to form the core subjects with credit in any other relevant Science subjects, at the Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent. In addition, an acceptable pass in the University Matriculation Examination (UME) is required.

Candidates with two A level passes (graded A-E) at the Advanced Level in one or more relevant subjects (Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry) may undertake the three – year degree programme into 200-level.

Our Staff

Dr. S. M. Ogunbode

Head of Department

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+234 (0) 8038278441

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