Department of Chemical Sciences

Brief History
Department of Chemical Sciences was established on 14th January, 2008 in the college of Natural and Applied Sciences at the inception of the university. It started in the 2007/2008 session with fourteen students and four staff and has grown within five years to the staff strength of nineteenin 2012/2013.  Currently, two programmes are run leading to Bachelor of Biochemistry and Nutrition and B.Sc. Industrial and Environmental Chemistry. The Department has graduated a set of four (4) students for Industrial and Environmental Chemistry unit and eleven (11) for Biochemistry and Nutrition   unit of the Department at the end of 2010 /2011 and a set of seven (7) students for Industrial and Environmental Chemistry unit and five (5) for Biochemistry and Nutrition   unit at the end of 2011 /2012   academic session.

Philosophy, aim and objectives
Industrial chemistry is an index of industrial development everywhere. The programme is designed to exploit nature and synthesize new products. It is also to arouse entrepreneurial spirits to solving problems in chemical industries. The programme will provide skilled manpower for environmental surveillance, monitoring and management.
The main aims are to provide students with thorough grounding in principles and sound knowledge of scientific methods of chemical sciences applications, and the effect of chemical processes and by-products on the environment. The programme will provide the training needed for exploring scientific aspects such as resource depletion, recycling and re-use.

Learning outcomes
All Bachelor honours degree students in Industrial and Environmental Chemistry are expected to develop the following abilities and skills:
a.     Regime of subject knowledge
Cognitive abilities and skills relating to solution of problems in industrial and Environmental Chemistry and other allied chemical industries.
b.     Competencies and skills
Practical skills relating to conduct of Laboratory work in Chemical Industries to ensure sustainable environment.
c.      Behavioral Attitudes
General skills relating to non-subject specific competencies,  communication, interpersonal.

The Department has three degree programmes of five (5) or four (4) academic years for the GCE ‘O’ Level and ‘A” Level holders respectively, leading to the award of :
·        B.Sc. (Hons) Biochemistry and Nutrition
·        B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry
·        B.Sc. (Hons) Industrial and Environmental Chemistry

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