Department of Psychology and Sociology

Brief History
The Department of sociology came into existence as a full Department in January, 2008. The Department is designed to run programme in the following area:  B.Sc Degree in sociology. At the inception, the Department admitted a total of 4 students in 2009/ 2010 session. This pioneer group is presently in 400 level with a total number of 4 students. Meanwhile, our students at 300, 200 and 100 levels are 8 and 4 and 6 respectively.The total number of the student population in the Department is 22 presently.

Philosophy, aim and objectives
The Department of Sociology offers courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Science in Sociology which may be awarded with honours or as pass degree. The courses are designed togive students a clear understating of basic sociological concepts and methodology and theirapplication in the analysis and understanding of contemporary sociological problem. The department also aims at research and disseminating the findings of such research for the advancement of knowledge and society in general.The courses in the department are also designed to prepare students for further research at the post graduate level. Students will be required to take approved combination of courses in the department and other department within one college. Students are also required to take an approved course prescription by the University as well as those that may be prescribed by the College Board from time to time.

The main objectives of a degree in Sociology are:

i.                    To provide training in the principles of sociology and their application.

ii.                 Stimulate the students intellectually through the programme, in such a way that they understand and appreciate social problems.

iii.               To provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the workings of society and its institutions and develop the skills for the constructive use of such knowledge.

iv.               To develop in students, the ability to apply the knowledge to the resolution of societal problems and conflicts.

v.                 To develop in students, such skills and competency that would allow them to be self reliant and entrepreneurial.

vi.               Provide the students with necessary skills for studying and analyzing society.

vii.            Provide the students with the skill-base from which they can proceed to higher studies in sociology.

viii.          To imbue in the students a deep appreciation of the social dynamics of society and the impact of this on wider socio-economic development and societal well –being.


i.            To become a choice for local and international scholars

ii.            To become famous for its publishing track records that is at once challenging and innovation, across the various sub-disciplines.

The Department has three degree programmes of five (5) or four (4) academic years for the GCE ‘O’ Level and ‘A” Level holders respectively, leading to the award of :
·        B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology
·        B.Sc. (Hons) Sociology
·        B.Sc. (Hons) Social Works and Administration

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