Entrepreneurial Unit

Following from the vision of the Proprietor of the University to provide qualitative knowledge and to have products who will be employers of labour and not job-seekers, Management right from inception considered the issue of entrepreneurship as a major strategy to achieving the objective.

Consequent upon this, a Six-Man Committee chaired by Prof. W. K. Gbolagade was put in place and had its meeting on 4th August, 2008. While several decisions were taken at that meeting, it was agreed that entrepreneurship and skill development be made part of the GNS programme. It was also agreed that the students be made to go through various technical skills like soap making, cream making, candle making, shoe making, fashion designing, aqualculture etc.

Since then, the theoretical components have been vigorously pursued but the practical aspects require a lot of improvement. This is attributable to lack of manpower and space to take care of the practical aspects

Although Prof. E. D. Adetayo, a Professor of Entrepreneuship from Obafemi Awolowo University, an Adjunct Professor to the University, had all along been handling the programme. She was also saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the centre was established.

With Professor Adetayo’s committee in place, and the efforts made by the University, a Centre has been partly established. While the centre is yet to function optimally, the following are worthy of note:

(a).                 That a member of the committee, Miss Fatimah Muhammad was sponsored to attend a training of the trainers workshop organised by the NUC in Abuja and papers presented.

(b).                That theoretical and practical skills have been demonstrated to students at the GNS classes

(c).                 That periodic lectures and Seminars had been given to the University Community

(d).                That the Centre intends to provide skill acquisition to the Community

(e).                 That the centre intends to come up with different projects to include organising an international conference on Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development with the theme “Entrepreneurship: Catalyst for Economic Development, to hold on 18th to 20th March, 2013; to come up with the Maiden Journal of the Centre, from the edited papers presented at the conference etc