Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit

In ensuring the realisation of making the University an ICT Compliant Institution, the Proprietor was able to establish the ICT Unit right from its inception.  Every academic staff and student is expected to use ICT as a tool for teaching and learning respectively.

The Unit is Headed by Dr. A.A. Salman.

All the functional units of the University are provided with structured cabling or wireless access through installed access points to all the nooks and crannies of the University.

The Internet facilities were deployed using fibre optics through our service provider, Routel Solutions and Consult Limited with a bandwidth of 30mbps/30mbs and then distributed on campus wirelessly using various radio devices for Point to Point and Point to Multipoint connections.

The University internet wireless signals is accessible at all locations on Campus as the Unit worked with Routel Inc to install Access Points at 26 strategic locations including the Students Halls of Residence.

The ICT laboratory is equipped with over 30 computer systems, and they are internet accessible.  These are used by lecturers and students for practical classes.