Fountain University Osogbo being an Islamic-Faith based University with its mission to provide competitive and resourceful graduates with high moral standards, must necessarily provide for a Mosque as a place of worship.

In meeting up with this requirement, the Proprietor right from inception made available a Multipurpose Hall which up to 2010 was being used for worship and other spiritual activities  like  Sunday Asalatu programs, Quranic recitation and Tajweed. Indeed, frantic efforts are being made to build a befitting state of the art modern Mosque. The architectural designs had been completed.

Mallam AbdulAzeez  was initially employed by the University and attached to the Student Affairs Unit to take care of the Students in the hostel and the mosque. He was the first Imam of the University in 2008 and the first to offer the first Jumaat Prayers.

Prof. K. A. Balogun (Chief Imam and former Dean of Arts OOU) later in 2008 joined the University on Sabbatical Leave and took over the leadership of the Mosque as the Chief Imam. Before he left, he structured the administration of the mosque such that apart from the Imam as the spiritual leader, we also had the Mosque Management Committee.  which is being chaired by  Mr. R. A. Azeez ( Cordinator of ICT) who  is the first Chairman of the Mosque Management Committee. Other Imams who  have contributed immensely to the religious and spiritual development of the entire ummah include Mallam Ibrahim Lere, the third Imam  who had left the services of the university and Mallam Adedimeji  is the newly appointed fourth Imam.

Apart from Alhaji  Abdul Hafeez Adedimeji and   Abdul Azeez Abdul Hakeem who are the appointed imams,  the delivery of the sermon are carried out by the Imams on rotational basis. Of recent, however, some other Islamic Scholars within the community who are capable of delivering the Friday sermons have also been identified and therefore have been involved. Their involvement serves as training ground as well as allow the Ummah to enjoy variety of sermons.

Recently, at the inception of 2015/2016 Academic Session, the service of Mallam Badmus Issa Abdulwaheed was fully engaged as an administrative Officer to be in charge of religious affairs of the University. He is responsible for the conduct of five (5) daily prayers and other religious activities such as Ramadan programmes, Fiqhu classes, and conduct of weekly Asalatu in accordance to NASFAT tenets. He frequently features in rotational Friday sermons of the University, while he also assists in spiritual counselling of the Students Affairs Unit of the University.

The students are also actively involved in the Mosque and in all Islamic activities and to reflect this they have their own officers with the student Amir as their leaders

(1)Some of the activities embarked upon by the Mosque Management Committee to develop the social, religious, moral and ethical values include:

a.       Spiritual digest at the end of every salat where verses of the Holy Quran and the Hadith traditions of the Prophet are read, interpreted and explained.

b.       Compulsory Fiqh Forum every Tuesday for Staff and Students. This is an avenue to reawaken the spiritual consciousness of the entire Muslim Ummah of Fountain University Community. Various topics are treated and Islamic scholars both within and outside the University community are invited to address them. Programmes such as quiz competition, inter college and inter discipline debates are organized to create the spirit of healthy rivalry and interactions among the students. This activity is taken care of the University Time table.

c.       Asalatu programmes are held every Sunday, in line with the traditions of NASFAT, the Proprietor.

d.       Special lectures are organized where erudite Islamic Scholars are invited to discuss soul inspiring issues to uplift the spiritual development of both staff and students.

e.       Friday Sermons – This is done on weekly basis to  raise the spiritual awareness of  the Muslim Community.

f.        Special Dua’u sessions at the beginning and end of every semester. This is to inculcate the spirit of looking up to Allah for assistance and support in all human endeavors.