Abdulkabeer Habeebullah Akinlabi


Abdulkabeer Habeebullah Akinlabi

Lecturer II


Abdulkabeer Akinlabi Habeebullah is a renowned Digital Humanities expert specializing in Islamic studies. With a background in both humanities and digital technologies, Abdulkabeer has a deep understanding of Islamic texts, history, and culture, coupled with advanced skills in digital tools and methodologies.
His expertise lies in utilizing computational tools and techniques to analyze and interpret Islamic texts, manuscripts, and cultural artifacts. He is known for his innovative approaches to digital archive creation and preservation, making rare Islamic texts and materials more accessible to scholars and the public.

Academic Qualification

  • Ph.D. in View
  • M.A Islmic Studies
  • B.A Arabic and Islamic Studies

Area of Specialization

  • Digital Humanities
  • Islamization of Knowledge
  • Contemporary Issues

Research Interest

  • Islamicate Digital Humanities
  • Contemporary Islamic Issues
  • Islam and Bioethics

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