ALI-BALOGUN, Bushrah Agbaje

ALI-BALOGUN, Bushrah Agbaje



Mrs Ali-Balogun B.A had her B. Sc. And M. Sc. degrees (Economics, Energy Economics and Policy) from Fountain University, Osogbo. She joined the services of Fountain University, Osogbo in 2014 and has served in various committees at different levels. She is a member of Nigerian Association of Energy Economics (NAEE), Nigerian Economic Society [NES] and International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE), British Association of Energy Economics [BAEE]. She has a flair for scientific research in the areas of Energy economics, Environment and climate change economics and spatial economics. She is happily married with children.


  • M. Sc. Energy Economics and Policy
  • B. Sc. Economics

Selected Publications

  • AGBAJE B.A, MUHAMMED A.O, BAMIDELE F.A, AJIBOLA A (2016); Analysis of the effects of oil price on sectoral outputs in Nigeria. Fountain University Journal of Management and Social Sciences: 5(1) Special Edition, (2016), 9 – 22
  • OJUOLAPE M, AGBAJE B.A (2017) The Economic Evaluation of Nigeria's Quest for New Petroleum refineries. Journal of Social Science, University of Ilorin 19(1), (2017)
  • AGBAJE B.A, EKELE I. (2018) Electricity Consumption, Corruption and Economic Growth: Evidence on Selected African Countries. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research. 6(5),May, 2018 Edition (Accepted and awaiting Publication) Online ISSN 2411-2933, Print ISSN 2411-3123