OLADOSU, Mutiat Oyinlola


OLADOSU, Mutiat Oyinlola (Ph.D.)



Oladosu, M.O. is a lecturer II in the Department of Business Administration, Fountain University, Osogbo. She has Ph.D. in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) from Kwara State University; M.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons) Business Administration from University of Ilorin and MBA from Obafemi Awolowo University. She has vast experience in Banking operations and her research areas are entrepreneurship, marketing, management and Human resources.


  • Ph.D. (Business Administration - Entrepreneurship)
  • M.Sc. (Business Administration),
  • MBA, (Business Administration)
  • B.Sc. (Business Administration)

Selected Publications

  • Muritala, I., Salau, A.A. & Oladosu, M.O. (2021) Effect of digital marketing on brand awareness among small enterprises in Kwara state. Veritas Journal of Marketing and Management 1(2), 51-59
  • Kuranga, M.O. (2021). Work life balance and service delivery among women entrepreneurs in south-western Nigeria. The Financial Internet Quarterly eFinance Journal, University of Information Technology and Management (UITM). 16(4), 24-34.
  • Kuranga, M.O., Mustapha, Y.I. & Brimah, N.A (2020). Impact of Work-life balance on job satisfaction of women entrepreneurs in south-western Nigeria. Fountain University Osogbo Journal of Management. 5(1), 77-88
  • Salau, A.A., Ajeigbe, M.B. & Oladosu, M.O. (2020). Entrepreneurial initiatives and agribusiness sustainability in Kwara state. Gombe Journal of General Studies. 4(1), 87-96
  • Kuranga, M.O. & Salau, A. A. (2020) Impact of perceived service value on customer satisfaction in selected Nigerian commercial banks in Lagos metropolis. Fountain University Osogbo Journal of Management. 5(2), 12-22 •
  • Kuranga, M.O., Mustapha, Y.I., Akanbi, K.L. & Ajeigbe M.B. (2019). Work-life balance as a panacea for innovative capacity of women entrepreneurs. University of Ilorin Advances in management. 18(2), 186-200
  • Kuranga, M.O., Mustapha, Y.I. & Brimah, N.A (2019). Impact of Work-life balance on business growth of female entrepreneurs in south-western Nigeria. Al-Hikmah Univerisity Management Review 4(1), 197-212
  • • Salau, A. A., Kuranga, M. O., Okpara, K.K. & Ogundinkpa W.O. (2017); Evaluation of Cluster Paradigm as a Tool for Agricultural Development in Nigeria. European Journal of Business and Management (Online) 9(21)

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