Sports and Socials

SPORT COODINATOR:  Alhaji Adedokun G.A

(BSc), M.P.A, (M.A) Exercise Physiology

Sports according to Webster’s collegiate dictionary is defined as physical activities engaged in, both indoor and outdoor for measure and exercise.

Sports can also be defined as an integral part of total education. There are three characteristics of sports namely;

  1. (a) Competition; this involves the attempt to defeat an opponent e.g. individual or team.

(b)Physical Activity; physical activity is an attempt to defeat an opponent through physical abilities such as strength, speed, stamina, accuracy and flexibility. The outcome of all the above is determined by the application of the strategy, chance as well as luck and prayer.

(c) Rules and regulation; rules and regulation distinguishes sporting activities from mere playful and spontaneous activities. The enforcement of the rules however, varies by type and level of the sporting activity.

PHYSICAL FITNESS; A person or an individual who possess the strength, ability and stamina to carry out his/her daily activities without undue fatigue and still has enough energy to enjoy his leisure time and to meet unforeseen emergencies is said to be physically fit. Sports and physical fitness has an appreciative effect on individual health and life these includes

  1. The risk of cardiovascular and other diseases decreased i.e. improved cardiovascular functions.
  2. Improve cell and tissue nourishment
  3. Sports and exercises improves blood circulation
  4. Sports aid digestion
  5. Sports enable the heart to withstand sudden exertion or stress.
  6. Physical activities aid removal of waste materials from the body.
  7. Sports activities free us from various diseases. e.g. heart attack, stroke, obesity, etc.
  8. Physical activities  improve natural sleep and relaxation
  9. Exercise reduced the breast cancer’s risk.
  10. Sports make participants look smarter and younger than his/her age.
  11. Sports foster unity and friendship.

Fountain University Sports Unit came to an existence on 2nd May, 2012, by the appointment of the Sports coordinator. Ever since then the unit has rekindled the interest, participation and the love of everyone in the Community.

Fountain University was not only known for academic performances but also in Sporting activities, the University athletes has been engaged and participated in various Sporting  and physical activities from time to time with other private and conventional institutions within and outside the state.

Organized and played series of friendly matches with Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Osun State University, More dreams football academy, Crescent University, Abeokuta to mention but few.

INTRAMURAL GAMES; Students had been participated in various games and sports. In the first semester,(2012/2013) the students participated in the ;

  1. Professor H O B Oloyede Inter- departmental Soccer Competition,
  2. Vice-Chancellor Inter-Level Sports Competition.


The Inaugural edition of Professor H.O.B Oloyede Inter- departmental Soccer Championship was played between Wednesdays 21st to Thursday 29th September, 2012, with department of Political Sciences defeated Computer Science on penalty shoot out to lift the trophy.


Vice- Chancellor Inter- Level sports completion which involved six (6) different sports, namely; Athletics, Chess, Scrabble, Soccer, Table- tennis and Volley ball which was won by the 200 level students. The Competition which was used to mark the end of five years of Vice – Chancellorship of Prof Oloyede on 12th December, 2012 (12/12/12)

EXTRAMURAL SPORTS AND GAMES; In September, 2012, Fountain University was affiliated to the Nigeria Private University games Association (NPUGA).

FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT; presently, the university can boosted of the following Sports facilities and equipment;

  1. A football field
  2. A volleyball court
  3. Table Tennis boards
  4. Chess boards and digital clocks
  5. Scrabble boards and dictionaries
  6. Sets of football jersey. Etc.
  7. Soccer balls, Basket balls, Volley balls etc

The University also makes use of the Osogbo Sports Stadium when occasion arises.

KEEP FIT PROGRAMME; the Sports Unit of the University has scheduled every Wednesday for keep fit activities.

The Keep fit programme were taken place every Wednesday in the university playing pitch and was actively  participated by the staff which included the Principal officers of the University especially, the Vice- chancellor.

AWARENESS TRECK: On Wednesday 7th November, 2012, awareness treck was organized by the unit and it was highly participated by the Staff, Students and Sport loving Citizen of Osun State. The exercise took off from the University campus to Isale Osun –to- Oja – Oba- to- Gaemu to Jaleyemi – to- Asubiaro enroute back to the University where the exercise was terminated.


The staff games which will involved three (3) different sports namely, athletics, soccer and table tennis were held between 13th and 27thMarch, 2013. The entire staff was distributed to three teams namely; Prof Bashir team, Prof Yusuf team and Prof (Mrs.) Adetayo team. The competition was leave to its billing, at the end of the energy soaking games, Professor Raji team lifted the converted trophy known as Pro. Olawore’s Cup (named after the donor Professor I. O. Olawore) with 4 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals. The second position went to Prof. (Mrs.) Adetayo team which gathering 4gold, 3silver and 1 bronze medals, while Prof Yusuf team came third with 1gold, 3silver 4 bronze medals.


Fountain Premier League (FPL) is a soccer league among the Students which was used to organized by the students every second semesters. It was usually played on home and away basses with eight teams in which the last team relegated from the league, while the league leader won the converted Shield. This year’s edition is in progress.

***It will be worth mentioned, that the University soccer pitch has been the training ground for the Osun State soccer teams such as Prime Football Club Osogbo, Igbona Football Club Osogbo, Osun state Female Football team, LAUTECH College of Medicine and host of other. Recently, precisely on Wednesday 6th February, 2013, the Osun State Football Association led by their Chairman, Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi paid a courtesy visit to the Sports loving Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Bashir Raji to express their profound gratitude to the University management for the maximum supports enjoyed for the uses of the university facilities.

Once again, the Sport Unit is inviting all the Staff, Students and all the Community members to always join us in our Wednesdays keep fit program, remember a fit man is a healthy man..