Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) Unit

SIWES COODINATOR:  BELLO, Bashir O. B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph. D. 


The Students industrial work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is the accepted skills training programme, which forms part of the approved Minimum Academic Standards in the various degree programmes for all the Nigerian universities. It is an effort to bridge the gap existing between theory and practice of engineering and technology, sciences agriculture, medical, management and other professional educational exposing students to machines and equipment, professional work methods and ways of safe-guarding the work areas and workers in industries and other organizations. The minimum duration for the SIWES should normally be 24 weeks except for engineering and technology progamme where the minimum duration is 40 weeks, the scheme is a tripartite programme, involving the students, the Universities and the industry (employers of labour). It is funded by the Federal Government of Nigeria and jointly coordinated by the Industrial (ITF) and the National Universities commission.


Specifically, the objectives of the Students industrial work Experience Scheme are to:

  1. provide an avenue for students in the Nigeria universities to acquire industrial skills and experience in their course of study;
  2. prepare students for the work situation they are likely to meet after graduation;
  3. expose students to work methods and techniques in handling equipment and machinarey that may not be available in the universities:
  4. make the transition from the university to the world of work easier,and thus enchance students’ contacts for later job placement;
  5. provide students with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in  real work and actual practice;
  6. enlist and strengthen employers’ involvement in the entire educational process of preparing university graduates for employment in industry.