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Professor Abdr-Razaq Adebusuyi KILANI

Thirty Three years

As a colleague

Abdr-Razaq is of balanced temperament and emotionally stable.

He has been an administrator for twenty five years and has done his work with dexterity.

Abdulrazaq R. O. Kilani

eleven years

Prof. Kilani is a colleague; we both teach at the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, at the University of Port Harcourt.
We have also served at various times in different Committees at the Department, Faculty, and University-wide settings.

Prof. Kilani is personable, has a good disposition, and is emotionally stable

Prof. Kilani possesses a tremendous administrative understanding and the skills to accomplish complex tasks

ABUBAKRE, Oladiran Kamardeen

31 years

As a colleague lecturer at the Federal University of Technology Minna

He has a good temperament and is emotionally stable

He has occupied several positions of authority in the University and appears to relate well with subordinates

Professor Yahaya Oyewale Imam

More than three decades

I have known him as a colleague at the University of Maiduguri as a lecturer and a professor. currently also as a professor on sabbatical with the Borno State University.

He is a pleasant personality with a stable and cool temperament. He is also emotionally sound and always able to control it without being noticed even at provocation.

Professor Imam initiated and attracted an academic grant at the University of Maiduguri before he transferred his services to the University of Ilorin. at Borno State University, he established the Centre of Research and Development where he is currently training young academics on how to attract research grants to the University.
administratively therefore he is very prompt and always proactive.

Professor Yahaya Oyewale Imam

More than three decades

I have known him as a colleague at the University of Maiduguri as a lecturer and a professor. currently also as a professor on sabbatical with the Borno State University.

He is a pleasant personality with a stable and cool temperament. He is also emotionally sound and always able to control it without being noticed even at provocation.

Professor Imam initiated and attracted an academic grant at the University of Maiduguri before he transferred his services to the University of Ilorin. at Borno State University, he established the Centre of Research and Development where he is currently training young academics on how to attract research grants to the University.
administratively therefore he is very prompt and always proactive.

Prof Musa Toyin Yakubu


as his mentor

He is a level headed individual with capacity to work with different groups as situation warrants.

He administrative experience is enough to bank on given the number of administrative positions he has occupied, ranging from, department to the faculty and the university level as a whole. He is a dependable administrator to the extent that he has been an acting Faculty Dean and presently, the Dean of Student Affairs of the University.


Professor Gbadamosi Mikail Lasun

I have worked closely with him for over two decades at various levels as university administrators.

He is calm, psychologically and emotionally stable.

He is an excellent administrator

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Professor Musa Toyin Yakubu

Thirty Four years

As his lecturer at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Professor Yakubu is of very sound character. He can control himself under very high provocation and emotionally stable. These characteristics of him has been well demonstrated in the various committees and offices that he has held. He applies persuasive and motivating approaches deliver on his assignment.

Professor Yakubu is an astute administrator. He is very hard working and he is a goal getter. I find in him to be very loyal, trustworthy and very exemplary. He believes that you must care for your subordinates to be able to get the best from them.


Since 1997

As his Lecturer and later as coleagues

He is emotionally stable. He is also of good temperament. He gets along well with colleagues

He was the Head of Department for 2 years. He performed well during the period. He is able to take decisions and stand by them. He was able to use the Committee system fairly well.






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Professor Akeem Abiade TIJANI

More than 3 decades

I have known Prof. Tijani for more than 3 decades as a versatile, dedicated, resourceful and erudite scholar in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Currently, he is a Professor of Agricultural Economics in the institution, formerly known as University of Ife.

Prof. Tijani is quantitatively inclined and a good team player. He is mentally, physically and emotionally stable. He has ability to work under pressure. Moreover, he has a high level of integrity and he is loyal to constituted authorities.

Indubitably, Prof. Tijani is a brilliant, industrious and reliable scholar. He finished his First degree outstandingly with First Class Honours in the university. No wonder, he won the prestigious Hezekiah Oluwasanmi prize award for the best overall students. Moreover, he was one of the receivers of the National Prize for outstanding performance of 1986/87. Prof. Tijani’s academic prowess and sagacity has engendered the attraction of many grants. Foremost among these include: Marketing Research Grant, Obafemi Awolowo University Postgraduate Research Grant, Food and Agriculture grant, African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) and Tetfund National Research Fund.
Prof. Tijani’s brilliance and academic sturdiness manifest vividly in his endowment and ability to teach courses in Economic Theories, Production economics, Farm Management and quantitative techniques. He had his Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees from the Department of Agricultural Economics, Obafemi Awolowo University. He has published about 65 articles in peer-reviewed journals locally and internationally. Moreover, he has published several working papers, monographs, and conference proceedings. He has also participated actively in a number of conferences at home and abroad and has equally been involved in trainings and workshops in Agricultural Economics. Consequently, he is a serious and dedicated member of strong professional bodies recognized in the field of Agricultural Economics including the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists, Farm Management association of Nigeria and International Association of Agricultural Economists.
Prof. Tijani has experientially proved to be a seasoned and astute administrator par excellence through his stewardship in various academic offices, committees and bodies that cut across every fabric of university settings. Notable amongst these include services as member, Governing Board of IAR&T, Ibadan, National University Commission Accreditation Team and National University Commission Instrument for ODL Accreditation. These are without prejudice to his committed and dedicated servanthood in various management and administrative positions as head of Department, Vice Dean and Deans in both public and private higher academic institutions.


I have known the applicant for well over ten years.

I have known Prof Imam for more than a decade personally, as a renowned scholar of Religions at the faculties of Arts of the University of Maiduguri and University of Ilorin and also as Research Manager (Humanities Cluster). I became the Director of CREDIT where Prof Imam has been the most consistent personnel and mainstay of the Centre. As Research Manager, his duties include working in line with the University of Ilorin’s Strategic Plan and Research Policy; planning; coordinating; and executing assigned research projects with the Faculty Research Managers and other academics within and outside the University of Ilorin; advising administration as to the trend of global research developments; and assisting in planning, co-ordinating and executing policies in line with global best practices amongst other functions.

The applicant is an outgoing person who is jovial, emotionally stable and like to work in group environments with both seasoned and younger officers and students. He has patience and is able to work with quick but detailed deliberation where decisions are subservient to evidence. He has all the capacities for high level intense administrative responsibilities. He is also not afraid to make difficult decisions after due consultations and deliberations.

In the discharge of his functions, Prof. Imam has shown great aptitude in research management, sourcing for research funding for the University, a duty that encompasses scholarly and networking capabilities that attain global standards. In furtherance of the stated functions, he is an Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Champion and one of their highly reputed Grant Reviewers. His profile over the years at the University has shown him to be able to lead scholars in the performance of their duties, attract funding to the University and work well within group environments of seasoned and early carrier scholars and academics. The value of grants directly and indirectly attracted to the University through his direct and indirect endeavour cannot be quantified in monetary terms alone.
Prof. Imam has carried out the said duties with great drive, creativity and adherence to standard evaluation metrics for job performance. He has also shown great working relationships with several management circles on behalf of the Centre by representing the Centre and being member of relevant committees.

Prof. Akinlade, Jelili Akinwole

15 years

As a lecturer in the Department of Animal Production and Health

Good temperament and emotionally stable

He is an administrator par excellence. He has the required administrative experience to cope with what the work demands

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Professor Fatai Olukayode Anafi

26 years

As a faculty colleague.

He has good temperament and he is emotionally stable.

He was the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering for four years and the Assistant Dean on Faculty of Engineering at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for two years. He was at one time the Chairman of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Zaria Branch. He has also served the system in other capacities. In all these, he performed exceptionally well. So he has tremendous administrative skills for the position.

Professor Oladiran Kamardeen Abubakre

about ten (10) years

He was the Director of the Centre of Excellence funded under the World Bank Grant of USD5 Million when I assumed duty as Vice- Chancellor of Federal University of Technology, 10 2012. He later served as Dean of School of Engineering and Engineering Technology.

He is emotionally stable and is the Chairman of Muslim Ummah of the University for several years.

He has immense administrative experience. He has served as Director of Centres, Dean of School and currently Dean of Postgraduate School. He was a member of University Governing Council between 2016 and 2020. He had served on various committees. He has been a member of Executive of Muslim Ummah for a long time and is currently its Chairman.

Professor Musa Toyin Yakubu, FAS

About 36 years

First as my student at all levels of his degree programmes (BSc; MSc & PhD) at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Ilorin, Ilorin;
and later as my Colleague in the same department

He is emotionally stable relates well with various categories of people.

He has served as Head of Department, Director of some Centres and currently serving as Dean of Student Affairs. He had served on various committees as either Chairman of Member and discharged such duties admirably.

ABUBAKRE, Oladiran Kamardeen

Over twenty (20) years

As a colleague in the University and as a fellow determined to make a success of life. As a distinguished Professor he has contributed immensely to academics by his committed involvement in teaching, research and supervision of students both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has several publications in reputable journals at the International and National levels.

He has also participated effectively in community service as a resource person in NUC and COREN Accreditation Teams to various Universities in Nigeria, contributed to many Universities in Nigeria either in visiting capacity or on sabbatical appointment or as external examiner or as assessor for promotion to Professorial rank.

He is physically fit and emotionally stable. He is always committed to his responsibilities and well acquainted with the inner working system of the university. He is diligent, self confident with good initiatives expected of a purposeful leadership. He can adapt easily to any environment he finds himself with capability for teamwork and excellent outcome results.

Professor Abubakre has held several administrative positions that can attest to his managerial competence and they include Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering Department; Deputy Dean, Postgraduate School; Project Manager of World Bank funded Step-B project; Dean, School of Engineering and Engineering Technology where he superintended the splitting of the School into two and consequently continued as Dean of School of Infrastructure, Process Engineering and Technology and currently he is the Dean of Postgraduate School. Furthermore, he has served as chairman and member of many committees in the University including membership of University Governing Council.

In all these positions he exhibited excellent administrative potential and introduced lots of positive reforms; his immense contribution at Step – B led to the establishment of Centre of Excellence in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. As the Dean, he led his School to win research grants from TetFUND, from Raw Materials Development Council, from Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel, and successfully obtained four patents for the University.

Having worked closely with Prof. Abubakre when I was a Deputy Vice – Chancellor of Federal University of Technology, Minna, I am convinced that he has adequate experience from which your great institution will benefit immensely.

I do strongly recommend Prof. Oladiran K. Abubakre for the post of the Vice – Chancellor of your University.

Prof. Waheed Babatunde Yahya

Ten Years

As a professional colleague in Nigerian Statistical Association and Professional Statisticians Society of Nigeria

He is emotionally stable

See attached.

GBADAMOSI Muhammad Mikhail Olasunkanmi

For over 30 years

As my colleague as Professors in the Faculty of Education of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye. I served under him as the Director of the Institute of Education when he was the Dean of the Faculty between 2010 and 2012. We co- authored some publications, team-taught courses and served on several committees together.

Prof. Gbadamosi has an amiable personality. He is very stable temperamentally and emotionally. He gets along very well with people.

Prof. Gbadamosi is a professor of Educational Planning and Policy. His training is well complemented with his personal administrative skills. He has held a number of administrative positions including Head of Department at several times and Dean of Faculty. He performed excellently well in these positions and left indelible marks.

LATEEF, Agbaje

For over thirty years

As his teacher at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Later as his senior colleague in the same Department and Dean of his faculty

Prof Lateef is physically and emotionally stable. He is a reserve of vibrant energy and high intellectual skills.He is happily married with children

Prof Lateef has acquired a lot of administrative skills having served the university in several capacities. He was Head of department at different times. He was HOD of science laboratory technology. He was also substantive Head of Department of Department of Pure and Applied Biology. He is currently the Director of the Central Research Laboratory. In all this positions, he distinguished himself very well. He has also served as Chairman and member of several committees in the Faculty and the University. He has also won several awards both nationally and internationally

Kazeem Alagbe Gbolagade

8 years

As a colleague teaching in the same University for five years, and as a University Administrator serving as Deputy Vice Chancellor for three years. I have had the chance to work in the same University and Senate Committees. We were both members of the University Governing Council at the same time for three years.

Professor Gbolagade is very social and one of the most pleasant personalities I have worked with in my life. He is very religious and down to earth. He is very honest and straight forward. He is very compassionate to colleagues and juniors. You will never know who his junior is in a group setting because he treats everyone equally.

His personality to work amicably with everyone make his administration very smooth. His style makes all who work with him feel they are working for the collective good. This way he gets rewords.

Prof Abdulrazaq Kilani

Over 30 years

As peers and colleagues

Prof Abdulrazaq Kilani has a calm, strong, and stable personality. He has a high level of emotional intelligence. He cares about his peers and has empathy for them.

AbdRasaq rose through department, college, and university committees before becoming Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of PortHarcourt.

Kilani cultivated Al Ushra Muslim Professionals in PortHarcourt to their current enviable position through his effective administrative and people skills.

Prof. Agbaje LATEEF

30 years

As my student and later as colleague.

He is physically and emotionally stable, humble and amiable.

At administrative level he was head of department and at governance level he was a member of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. He performed these and other responsibility responsibilities creditably.

Oseni Kehinde Owolarafe

20 years

1. Postgraduate student.
He did his postgraduate studies leading to PHD degree at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. but in between had research visits to Universities in Malaysia and other countries. He was a diligent and honest researcher, and this led to several publications and innovations.
2. Staff of Obafemi Awolowo University
He is a staff of the University and has served diligently as a lecturer and rose through the ranks to the post of a professor. he is a good teacher with no adverse report. he is also a hardworking person with a pleasant disposition. He has served as acting HOD on several occasions even before becoming a Professor and as substantive one. In all these positions he demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and was respected by other members of staff including his seniors.
3. University wide Service
I became more acquainted with him when I was elected deputy Vice Chancellor of the University. I had to rely on him to supervised some of the maintenance works around the campus. He was able to assist me to achieve success in my assignments. He is a dependable person, ready to learn and ready to sacrifice his time without complaining. When I became a substantive Vice Chancellor, I had to invite him to my new University to help reorganise the Department of Agricultural Engineering. This he did to the admiration of all staff and students and assisted in getting the elusive accreditation.
4. Muslim Community
I can attest to the fact that he is a dependable member of the OAU Muslim community. He assisted me in organising some contributions and donations to the Community for special progammes such as EIDs and Mosque maintenance which has survived till today. He is a financially prudent person.

He is an emotionally stable person. He is very dependable and can take initiative in a very positive manner. He is respectful and a pride to the Muslim Community. I know him to be someone looking for peace all the time and approachable by all and sundry. The students particularly like is attention to details and their needs without compromising integrity. He makes sure that his worked respect him and deliver as at when due. he usually leads by example as I have seen him do on several occasions.

1. He has served as Head of department on several occasions. during his tenure, the results were always delivered on time, and he was able to rally all workers on the department to work as a unit.
2. He served as a member of the administrative team at the Center for Distance Learning of the Obafemi Awolowo University and did the job excellently.

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