Dress Code

Dress Code

All students must be properly dressed in line with the University dress code. As first offender, he/she shall be given serious warning and at the same time lose related FIPS credits. When caught again for the same offence, he/she shall face one semester suspension and the parent shall be invited.

Acceptable Dress Code for Staff, Students and Visitors

Management at its meeting held ont Thursday, 27 of January 2022/24 Jumada al “Ula 1443 AH considered the resolution of Senate on Dress Code for staff and students. Management reaffirmed that:

I. The approved dress code for all categories of students as contained in the Student Hand Book, billboards, and other platforms must be strictly adhered to and enforced by ALL staffers, academic and-non-academic in respect of ALL. students, regular, conversion, etc

II. Female hijab must not be transparent and must cover the head up to the bust.

III. Scarfs, turbants and caps are not allowed for female students.

IV. Staff members, as enforcers, are also expected to adhere to the rules of official dress code which could be native, Western, Oriental, or others, but certainly not a misture.

V. Visitors to the University are to be properly guided and enlightened (but not embarrassed) about the dress code of the University.

VI. Male students must be corporately dressed with matching ties or native dresses with caps except on Wednesdays and Fridays when they could wear sportwear and Jumat compliant outfits respectively.

VII. Female students must not wear short, transparent and tight wears or artificial hairs/nails.

VIII. The wearing of rubber/bathroom slippers is not allowed in the academic area between 7 am and 4 pm on weekdays

IX. Bushy, unkempt and outrageous hair styles are not allowed for male students.

X. Tight/pencil, ripped jeans, tight and short skirts and wears with immoral, outrageous and obscene inscriptions are prohibited

XI. Billboards with images of acceptable and unacceptable dresses and hairstyles to be given to new students at the point of registration.

XII. Every student will be availed of all details relating to the Dress Code among others and made to indicate willingness to comply by appending their signature for full compliance.

XIII. Anyone (staff/student) found to be undermining the enforcement of the Dress Code among others should be reported to the appropriate quarters (Student Affairs Unit in case of students, Vice Chancellor’s (VC) Office in case of staff) for necessary action as specified in the University rules and regulations.