Academic Planning Unit

The establishment of Academic Planning Units (APU) in Nigerian Universities system, as proposed by the National Universities Commission (NUC) in the early 1980s   was based on the need to provide management structure that would guide orderly academic development of Universities in the performance of their statutory functions of teaching, research and community service.

The Academic Planning Unit of Fountain University, Osogbo, was established in 2013 to provide management structure for Strategic Planning process, to ensure internal coordination and quality control in all academic activities of the University.

The Academic Planning Unit is expected to pursue the following objectives;

  • Ensuring compliance by the University with NUC directives and policies on academic matters.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the Benchmark for Minimum Academic Standard (BMAS) for all programmes in the University.
  • Ensuring efficient internal coordination and control of academic activities and academic developments in the University.

The Academic Planning Unit (APU) of Fountain University coordinates academic activities in the University; collects, manages and analyzes data towards its academic enhancement while ensuring compliance with NUC’s Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) as directed by the Senate and Management. It enhances efficiency in teaching and learning in the University and ensures the dissemination and publication of relevant information. The Director, Academic Planning Unit (DAPU) liaises with accreditation bodies for the establishment and accreditation of academic programmes.

The affairs of the Academic Planning Unit is currently oversee by Mr. ADEOGUN, Tairu Adekunle.