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Professor Adeoye, Moriam Dasola

Dean, College of Basic Medical and Health Science

Welcome to the College of Basic Medical and Health Science

As-salam alaykum, waramotullahi wa barakatul. Welcome to Fountain University Osogbo’s College of Basic Medical and Health Sciences (COBMHES), where greatness and compassion combine in the quest of knowledge to make your lifelong aspirations a reality. The institution is a beacon of innovation and academic excellence in the medical and health sciences. With cutting-edge facilities, world-class teachers, laboratories, resourceful workers, a welcoming environment, and a dedication to holistic education, we aspire to enable our students to become ethically sound healthcare leaders who have a beneficial influence on society. Join us on our revolutionary path to a healthier and brighter future.


About the College

Our History

The College began operations in the 2018/2019 academic session with Professor Muse Oke as the first dean, followed by Dr. Adeoye, M. D., who has since become a professor in recognition of her dedication and academic contributions to the college’s goals and the university’s growth. The College has four departments (Nursing Science, 



Medical Laboratory Science, Public Health, and Environmental Health Science), all of which are fully accredited by the National University Commission (NUC) and the professional bodies of the programs. This is due to the availability of the necessary resources and competent personnel. Since its inception, college enrollment has grown from 200 to 700 students.



At the College of Basic Medical and Health Sciences at Fountain University, Osogbo, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that healthcare is a fundamental human right, and that every individual deserves access to quality medical and health services and education. We are committed to nurturing compassionate, God-fearing, and competent healthcare professionals who are dedicated to serving their communities with integrity, empathy, and excellence. Our philosophy emphasizes the integration of theoretical knowledge with practical skills, ethical values, and a deep sense of social responsibility.


The mission of the college is to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of healthcare professionals to excel in the field of medical and health sciences. This is achievable through our comprehensive and rigorous academic curriculum that integrates theoretical knowledge with practical skills, ethical values, and a deep sense of social responsibility.


The vision of COBMHES is to become a global leader in medical and health sciences education, clinical training, counseling, research, and innovations to develop a sustainable system. We envision a future where our institution is recognized for producing exceptional healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of advancing knowledge, improving patient care, and addressing the healthcare challenges of the 21st century.

Student Population

The college has experienced a significant increase in student population due to the abundant availability of human and material resources. This influx of students is a testament to our commitment to providing a conducive learning environment that fosters academic excellence and professional growth. The availability of state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories, dedicated college members, experienced professors, clinicians, and researchers ensures that students receive high-quality instruction, seminars, workshops, and mentorship in preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields, which has also aided the surge in student enrollments.

Our Departments

Department of Environmental Health Sciences


Department of Nursing Science


Department of Public Health


B.Sc Public Health


Department of Medical Laboratory Science


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