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Welcome to the Internal Audit Unit

As an independent and objective assurance function, our role is paramount in supporting the governance, risk management, and control processes of the University. We are dedicated to upholding the principles of accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations.

At the Internal Audit Unit, we strive to provide high-quality audit services that not only identify areas for enhancement but also contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our institution. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we play a vital role in safeguarding the University’s resources and upholding its reputation for integrity and trustworthiness.

We welcome you to engage with us and learn more about our efforts to promote good governance and sound financial management practices. Together, let us work towards a culture of accountability and excellence within our University community.

Once again, welcome to the Internal Audit Unit!

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Financial audits

Operational audits

Compliance audits

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Our team consists of experienced professionals with expertise in auditing, accounting, finance, and risk management. We are committed to delivering high-quality services that meet international standards and best practices.

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