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Dr. O. F. Liadi

Dean, College of Management and Social Sciences

Welcome to the College of Management and Social Sciences

As-salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

You are warmly welcome to the College of Management and Social Sciences (COMAS) where we train complete graduates with high moral values in management and social sciences. Since inception, the college has been producing graduates who contribute to societal development within and outside of Nigeria.

The college which started out with 4 departments now boasts of 7 departments running various programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The departments are Accounting & Finance, Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Public Administration, Mass Communication and Sociology & Criminology. The college is committed to cutting edge research, academic development and sound town-gown relationship. All these the college strives to achieve through its journal publication (Journal of Management & Social Sciences), academic conferences, roundtable discussion and annual Distinguished Lecture. In recognition of its modest efforts in scholarly promotion and further projection of the University’s visibility, the college received an award from the University during the 2023 Merit Awards of the University.


About the College

Our History

COMAS was one of the two pioneer colleges of the University at its take-off in 2007. Since its inception, the college has produced hundreds of graduates who are today doing well in their chosen fields in Nigeria and beyond.


Derived from the philosophy of the University, the philosophy of the college is rooted in the commitment to the development of competent and sound graduates in various disciplines through appropriate teaching, mentoring and moral growth influenced by Islamic ethics.


The mission of the college is to build competitive and resourceful graduates with moral standard.


The vision of the college is to be a pace setter in knowledge impartation, research and moral development.

Student Population

The student population of the college reflects the diversity of the Nigerian society in terms of ethnic identity and religion.

Our Departments

Department of Biological Sciences


B.Sc. Microbiology


Department of Public Administration


Department of Chemical Sciences


Department of Mass Communication


Department of Physics, Electronics & Earth Science


Department of Sociology & Criminology


Department of Mathematical & Computer Sciences


B.Sc.  Computer Science


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History of the College

The College commenced with Departments of Accounting with Accounting program; Business Administration with Business Administration program; Economics with Economics program and Department of Political Science and Public Administration with Political Science and Public Administration at inception in 2008. Two new programmes – Sociology and Banking and Finance were added in 2009 while Mass Communications was floated in 2015. Since 2015 the College has   comprised of six (6) departments vis-à-vis Accounting and Banking & Finance located in Accounting & Finance Department, Business Administration with Business Administration programme; Economics with Economics programme; Mass Communications in Mass Communication Department; Political Science and Public Administration in Political Science and Public Administration Department and , finally, Sociology located in the Department of Sociology and Industrial Relations.     

Two of the programmes – Economics and Political Science & Public Administration were accredited in 2009 with full accreditation status, Accounting and Business Administration in 2010 with interim accreditation status, Sociology and Banking & Finance in 2012 with interim accreditation status. Accounting and Business Departments had NUC accreditation again with interim accreditation status.

In 2015, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Banking & Finance had NUC accreditation again and all had full accreditation status.

Mass Communications programmme had its NUC Accreditation visit in 2017 and had a full Accreditation status.                


Banking & Finance

Mass Communication

Business Administration

Political Science & Public Administration




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