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Phone : +23408031145929
Email : admission@fuo.edu.ng

Frequently Asked Questions

What url is the new portal?

https://newportal.fuo.edu.ng  or click  here

How do i start admission processing?

Visit newportal.fuo.fuo.edu.ng/admission-portal  or click here


After filling the form, what do i expect?

Expect the admission office to process the admission and admit you from their in-house portal.

If i am admitted, what next would i do?

You will pay acceptance fee of 25,000, depending on your type of admission: postgraduate, conversion.


What next after admission and payment of acceptance?

You will print provisional admission letter from the portal where matric number will be *** until ICT Unit  gave and allocate after some hours (registration).

After my matric number allocation, what next?



You will login to new portal newportal.fuo.edu.ng/returning-student  or click  here  to make necessary payments

How will i know which payments to make among the listed fees.

Contact the bursary unit, or department or level adviser for advice. Fees listed are for your level.


I have been admitted on the old portal, paid acceptance fees before now. How do i proceed?

You will need to re-register on new portal and repeat the above processes, while the payments will be waved for you when bursary unit confirms your payments of the claims.

.When will i do my course registration?

Proceed to course registration after payment of your prescribed fees. Go to your level adviser, as stated on your course form for approval of courses, thereafter print your course form for necessary signatures.

I am trying to print my receipts it gave an error of TCP... image size cannot be determine . What will i do?

.Update your profile by clicking the profile menu of your portal. Remove any space after each name e.g. Akinlabi (remove the space after letter i). Then use a correct passport.

.I cannot find some courses on the course list, what will i do?

Make a complain to the ICT via the live chat and it will be added.