ALATISE, Remi Kasali

ALATISE, Remi Kasali



Remi Alatise is an astute Developmental Sociologist at the Department of Sociology and Industrial Relations, Fountain University Osogbo. He is passionate about gathering and disseminating knowledge about Sociology of Development, encapsulating Sociology of Rural Development, Sociology of Gender Relations, Entrepreneurial Sociology and Sociology of Religion. He researches and supervises students in these areas. Above all, he is concerned about functionality and usability of knowledge. He has published works in some reputable journals in these areas. He is currently the Dean of Students’ Affairs at Fountain University, Osogbo, where he interacts with young people every day to feel the pulse of their developmental challenges. He is also a resource person for National Open University, Osogbo Study Centre.



  • Ph.D (Sosiology)
  • (Sociology)
  • (Sociology)


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