ALAO, Idris Ibrahim

ALAO, Idris Ibrahim

Assistant Lecturer


Idris Ibrahim Alao is a lecturer in the Department of Islamic Law, College of Law, Fountain University, Osogbo, Nigeria. He is a young polymath with profound interests in Shari‘ah, common law, education, religious studies, entrepreneurship, language and translation. He is a legal practitioner/researcher, certified translator, certified teacher, educational consultant and emerging Sharī‘ah Advisor. He has a great passion for Islamic Law; especially, the relevance and effective application of Islamic Law within the contexts and dynamics of contemporary intricacies; hence, special concentration on Islamic commercial law (Fiqhul-Mu‘āmalāt), Islamic legal theory (Usūlul-Fiqh) and intendments of Islamic Law (Maqāsid al- Sharī‘ah) etc.


  • LL.M (In view),
  • B.L (Abuja),
  • LL.B (Unilorin),
  • B.A (Ed) (Lasu)

Selected Publications

  • • Alao I. Idris, 2018, “Da‘ful Mahāratil Lughawiyyah ‘inda Shar‘iyyīn fi Nayjīriyā: Asbābun Wa hulūl” (Poor Language Skills among Shari‘ah Scholars in Nigeria: Causes and Solutions), published in Al Hikmah Journal of Islamic Law, Vol.2, June 2018, pp. 169-189
  • • Alaro A. Abdul-razzaq & Alao I. Idris (2019), “Challenges of the Emerging Markets of Islamic Finance (IF) in Africa: Nigeria as a Case study”, published in International Review of Entrepreneurial Finance, Vol. 2, Issue 1, June 2019, pp. 17-41
  • • Alao I. Idris, 2020, Maqālātun fī Ba‘dil Qadāyā ash Shari‘iyyah wal Qānūniyyah fī Nayjīriyā (A Treatise on contemporary Shari‘ah and legal issues in Nigeria), ISBN: 978-978-985-936-8.
  • • Alao I. Idris, 2020, Bāqatul Muhamāt: ‘Ibarun wa fawāid fi Hayāti Tā’ifatin minal Muhāmīn (Parcel of the Bar: Selected lessons from the lives of a selected group of Muslim Lawyers), ISBN: 978-978-985-935-1.

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