SALAUDEEN, Kamoru Aremu

SALAUDEEN, Kamoru Aremu, PhD.



SALAUDEEN, Kamoru Aremu, a lecturer/researcher in the depatment of Mass Communication, Fountain University, Osogbo, is a communication strategist, radio presenter, performing artist, voice-over artist and script writer has robust media and communication experience cutting across both the industry and the academia spanning over two decades now. He has PhD, M.A and B.A in Communication & Language Arts from University of Ibadan as well as M. Sc. in Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. His broad area of specilisation and research covers Public Relations and Advertising with particular focus on Strategic Communication, communication intervention, health communication, unintended effect of communication and development communication. He has public research articles in revered local, national and international journals.

You may have challenge placing Kamoru in either the industry or the academia; he actulally belongs to both divides. He has among others produced two short movies: Ijimere  and Make the Right Decision both in in 2018. He is currently working on other movies to hit the market soon. He is a co-anchor on an online TV Show: What Grinds my Gears. He is the presenter of a number of radio programmes such as Tiwa n’ Tiwa on Uniq. 103.1 FM, Ilesa; Language Lab on TNM Media Academy Radio and Opomulero (Family Pillars) on Fountain Universty Online Radio.

His interest in youth and children manisfests in his decision to publish two children story books: Audu’s petting Zoo and Alade and the Djinn with other stories to be published soon.

Kamoru, a communication, life skill and leadership coach, is a member of International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), African Council for Communication Education (ACCE), Nigerian Chapter, Association of Media and Communication Researchers of Nigeria (AMCRON),  Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and Society for InterDisciplinary Research (SIR).


  • PhD. (Communication & Language Arts- Applied/Strategic Communication),
  • M.A (Communication & Language Arts- Applied Communication)
  • M.Sc. (Mass Communication- Public Relations & Advertising)
  • B.A (Communication & Language Arts-)

Selected Publications

  • SALAUDEEN, A. Kamoru & ADEBIYI A. Rasheed (2021). Oriki as a Strategic Communication Tool for Personality-Identity Building and Value Re-orientation towards National Development. In Liadi, O. F. & Busari Dauda (Eds.). Indigenous knowledge and development practice in post-colonial Nigeria: current realities and challenges. Cambrige Scholars Publishing, New Castle Upon Tyne (forthcoming).
  • SALAUDEEN, A. Kamoru & BELLO Semiu (2021). Between Knowledge and Practice: Interrogating Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Communication Campaign in Ibadan, Oyo State. Tambari: Journal of Media, Theatre and Communication Studies (JOMETCOS), Faculty of Communication, Bayero University, Kano
  • SALAUDEEN, A. Kamoru & OMOTOSHO A. Mariam (2020). Online Shopping Sales Promo and its Perception Among Undergraduate Students in Osogbo, South Western Nigeria. Interações: Sociedade E As Novas Modernidades, 39. 111-135.
  • SALAUDEEN, A. Kamoru and LAWAL A. Hummulikhairi (2019a), “Social Media Addiction and Formal Writing Skills among Mass Communication Students in Osogbo, South-Western Nigeria”, The Journal of Social Media in Society, 8, no. 1, 67-86.
  • SALAUDEEN, A. Kamoru & EGBOKHARE Olayinka (2019b), “Trends in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Communication Campaigns (2007-2017): A Review of Dominant Themes”, Journal of Management and Social Sciences, 8, no. 1, 576-593.
  • SALAUDEEN, A. Kamoru & RAJI, A. Nafisah (2018c), “Digital Devices and Self-Expression among Teenagers in Osogbo, South-Western Nigeria”, Language and Semiotic Studies, 4, no. 3, 84-100
  • SALAUDEEN, A. Kamoru, ADEBIYI, A. Rasheed & SANNI, O. Azeez (2018b), “Framing of the Anti-Graft War in Select Nigerian Newspapers”. Novena Journal of Communication, 6, 172-83.
  • ADEBIYI, A. Rasheed, SALAUDEEN, A. Kamoru & SANNI, O. Azeez (2018a). “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: A Discourse on Ethical Flashpoints for Nigerian Mass Media Managers”. EBSU Journal of Mass Communication (EBSUJMC), 5, no. 1, 39-53.
  • SALAUDEEN, A. Kamoru & ADEBIYI, A. Rasheed (2017), “Political Persuasion through Cultural Appeal: An Analysis of Radio Commercials of the 2015 Election in Oyo State, South-West, Nigeria”. Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, 10, no.5, 30-42.

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