Embracing Dignity: FUO Management Renames Janitorial Staff as Facility Service Personnel

In a remarkable move that aims to emphasize dignity, inclusivity, and recognition, the management of Fountain University Osogbo has taken a groundbreaking step by renaming their janitorial staff as “Facility Service Personnel”. The decision reflects the university’s commitment to creating a nurturing and respectful environment for all members of its community.

The renaming of the janitorial staff as Facility Service Personnel is not simply a matter of semantics; it is a significant shift in perspective that recognizes the central role these individuals play in upholding the cleanliness and functionality of the university’s facilities. By bestowing a more fitting title upon them, Fountain University Osogbo aims to acknowledge and elevate the importance of their contributions.

The Facility Service Personnel at Fountain University Osogbo will continue to perform their duties with the same dedication and professionalism as before, but with the added recognition that their work is valued and essential in maintaining a conducive learning environment for students and staff alike.

The decision to rename the janitorial staff as Facility Service Personnel is part of the university’s broader vision to promote a culture that upholds the principles of dignity, respect, and equality. Fountain University Osogbo remains committed to providing a supportive environment that nurtures the personal and professional growth of all its members.

Taoheed Alimi,
Public Relations Officer,
Fountain University.
26/09/2023 || 10/03/1445 AH

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