Introduction of “Registry Staff of the Month Award”.

 Fountain University’s Registrar, Mr Adenekan Sheriff, has introduced an innovative programme known as “Registry Staff of the Month Award” aimed at boosting the morale and performance of the employees in the registry department.

The initiative is set to promote punctuality, effectiveness, and professionalism while inspiring a sense of belonging within the work environment.

The criteria for selecting the best staff member of the month include but not limited to, punctuality, effectiveness at work, good interpersonal relationships with the university’s internal and external communities, delectable dress sense with corporate and professional touch, and a strong sense of ownership at work.

Each month, three exemplary staff members will receive a commendation letter and a cash reward sponsored by the Registrar, with the ultimate goal of celebrating the most outstanding staff in the registry department at the end of each academic calendar.

For the month of April, the rewards were distributed as follows: Mr. Rauf Oladapo ranked first and received a cash prize of 10,000 naira, Mr. Rasheed Moronfolu came second and was awarded 5,000 naira, and Mrs. Zainab Atoyebi-Bello placed third, securing a reward of 2,500 naira.

The Registrar believes that this initiative will act as a motivating factor for the registry staff, fostering diligence and a professional outlook in their respective roles.

Mr. Adenekan hopes that this gesture will not only recognize hardworking staff members but also stimulate healthy competition among the employees and create an environment conducive to collaboration and progress.

The initiative’s introduction is a step towards boosting the overall performance and morale of Fountain University’s registry department and, potentially, inspiring similar efforts across the other departments.

For more information, please contact:
Public Relations Unit,
Fountain University, Osogbo.

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