The well-deserved accolades went to Mr. A.S Fasasi, who emerged as the overall winner, Mr. R.A Moronfolu, the first runner-up, and Mr. T.A Oyedeji, the second runner-up.
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The initiative is set to promote punctuality, effectiveness, and professionalism while inspiring a sense of belonging within the work environment.
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The United Nations Women report reveals that forty-eight percent of Nigerian women have experienced at least one form of violence since the COVID-19 pandemic. Women and girls are subjected to numerous forms of violence in the home varying from deprivation, starvation, hitting, suffocating, burning, acid baths, poisoning, neglect, lack of care, verbal insults, degrading comments,...
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Commencement of 2023/2024 Admission Exercise

Important links on 2023/2024 screening exercise

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